When asked to prepare a biography for this web page, the thought made me a little uncomfortable. What do I say? How do I convey to the reader my feelings for the photographic arts? My feelings are pure and simple: Photography is my passion, my first love, and my life. Photography is what makes me, me.

I have been photographing professionally for over twenty-six years. I am very fortunate to have had some amazing photographic opportunities throughout my life. I am professionally trained as a Commercial/ Advertising Photographer. I have worked for Boeing International, NASA, US Army, Phillip Morris, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Centinella Medical Hospital as a medical surgical and advertising photographer, Lillian Vernon, Current, Inc. and Paper Direct just to name a few. Many of my photographs have appeared in major publications such as Village Voice, Air Defense Magazine, Studio Photography, BW Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Photo District News (PDN) and numerous medical journals, catalogs and books.

Most recently, my unique photographic lighting techniques and ability to educate others can be found in Sculpting with Light®: Techniques for Portrait Photographers (Amherst Media, Oct, 2008) a comprehensive photography how to book. The follow up to my Sculpting with Light® book- The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Light Modifiers (Amherst Media, Sept 2010) is available wherever photo books are sold and (www.amherstmedia.com and www.amazon.com ). With future photographic how to books to follow, I am also available for speaking engagements and photographic seminars where I will teach YOU my Sculpting with Light® techniques that will allow you to increase sales in your own photography business.

Bringing a unique perspective, distinctive stylize Sculpting with Light® lighting techniques to every client is what I do best. Not the norm! I enjoy pre-visualizing and brainstorming with the clients and/or team of creatives to create the very best image(s) for the client. Studio, location, people, products or environmental photographs, my goal is to create images for the client, photographs that stand out from the competition. Not too many photographers are willing to go out on a limb with their art, except me. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your photographic needs.